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Dogs Deserve Better Delivers Valentines to 16,880 Dogs in it’s 9th Annual Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Week

16 Feb

The 2011 Dogs Deserve Better Have a Heart for Chained Dogs campaign delivered Valentines to a mind-blowing 16,880 dogs! Although we missed our goal of 17,000 by a mere 120 dogs, we still delivered Valentines to over 2000 more dogs in 2011 than 2010. We’d like to send out a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who contributed addresses, Valentines, and coupons for the 2011 campaign.

A special thank you to HSUS who again put the word out for us. We also give a shout out to everyone who networked the campaign through their social networking sites, facebook, myspace, etc. It’s an excellent way to get the word out!

One aspect of the DDB Area Rep responsibilities is to contribute 10 addresses to the campaign each year, and 2011 marks the fifth year DDB awarded prizes for the top three reps in address contributions. Alicia Schwartz, SC, is first for with a total of 260, Angela Stell, NM, is second with 106, and Sheila Ehler, MO is third with 65. A special thanks to our reps who really put in the effort each year to help make our campaign a success.

“Thanks to DDB for the awesome coloring book and certificate of thanks you sent for the V-Day cards my grandson Joel and I made. I totally did not expect anything in return, but he was so tickled when the award arrived!” —Judy Mollus


Girl Scout Troop in Virginia shows off their projects


PA First-graders strut their Valentine stuff

Preparations for the event start in early January, when we send out a media release and e-mail requesting help from students and other groups to make Valentines for the project. You all answered the call, and thanks to a LOT of student help, plus a couple of major printed card donors, we had over 9200 Valentines shipped to the headquarter this year. Fantastic! As our numbers of addresses increase, we need our participation in making the Valentines to increase! Let’s hope we keep up this excellent streak next year!

PA Student concentrating hard on her efforts

NM Students taking their craft seriously

Susan Sammis holds her dog Isis and the book
Buddy Unchained with Boys & Girls Club youth holding books.

Jean Gilbert, educator with the Humane Society of Southern NM holds a display board for the Dogs Deserve Better presentation. Brian Johnson, program director for the Las Cruces Boys & Girls Club, holds a copy of Buddy Unchained.

Sample letter received by DDB: “These Valentine cards have been made by K-3 grade girl scouts in Northern Virginia. Many of the girls wanted to come and adopt a dog to take better care of them! Thank you for allowing us to contribute to the good work you do. Thank you also for allowing me the chance to teach the girls about good pet ownership and responsibility!”—Phyllis Martin, Girl Scout Leader

“Here are some photos of our friends in Mrs. Rehnert’s 1st Grade class at St. Nicholas School in PA. They made these wonderful Valentines to be mailed to chained and penned dogs. These Valentines are sure to melt the hearts of dog owners across the country and convince them to bring their dogs inside!”—Elizabeth Kline, DDB Rep: Arlington, VA

MO Valentine Party

Two PA Stuffing Parties rounded out the event, and we finished all the addresses during the parties, a first!

Never forget, the educational value gained by the children and groups making the Valentines is equal to or greater than the value of those receiving the Valentines! Bottom line, it’s at least as important to have the kids MAKE the Valentines as it is to have the caretakers receive them. This is what makes this campaign so unique and note-worthy; it works from both sides of the equation.


WE apologize, but due to a communication error on our part, most of our wonderful contributor letters were discarded with the packing materials. So sorry . . . We will be back with the excerpts next year, we love them. Don’t stop writing!

Just a small sampling of the creations we received

Of the packages of valentines mailed to Dogs Deserve Better, 65 of the 170 came from school classes and student organizations, 11 from animal welfare groups, and 94 from individuals and DDB reps. We suspect some of what appears to have been sent by individuals was actually from groups or students. Please be sure to drop us a note telling us who made the Valentines next year for accurate analysis.

Some gorgeous Valentines came our way!

Valentines came in from 37 states with the most coming from Pennsylvania and Ohio, where 19 groups or individuals participated in each state. Virginia sent in 11, as did Texas. Valentines also came in from Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, and DC. Thanks so much to all groups and individuals who sent valentines!

We’ve photographed many of the valentines on this and subsequent pages; if your’s doesn’t appear this year, make sure we know for next year so we can get you featured then. The Valentines were absolutely gorgeous; some of them we didn’t even want to send out they were so precious!

Valentines went to every state in the nation again this year! Pennsylvania dogs received the most Valentines, with a total of 2229, followed by North Carolina with 1529, Ohio with 1384, and Texas with 835.

DDB held three Valentine stuffing parties, one in St. Louis, MO, one in State College, PA and the last in Bellwood, PA, with over 50 volunteers showing up to help stuff envelopes between the three places. Sa-weet! The State College stuffing party was led by DDB veteran Amy Smith, the St. Louis party was led by DDB Reps Dawn Ashby and Melody Whitworth, and the Bellwood stuffing party was led by Tamira Thayne and Elaine Peachey.Special thanks to ALL who gave of their time to help get the Valentines on their way!

As a result of the campaign, we’ve already had calls for help and some rescue cases are in the early phases; we will post as we get more information.

For Example:

From Vicki—”The family’s address I turned in that has been keeping their dog kenneled 24/7 in the far back corner of their yard has had their dog out and in the main part of their fenced yard. Just saw the beautiful pup being walked around the neighborhood. Hooray!!!!!!!!”

If you sent in addresses and see any success, please send us the story atinfo@dogsdeservebetter.org so we can continue to update our listings and remove them from our database; they really help motivate us to continue!

Stats from the event:

Groups/Individuals who created and mailed Valentines: 170

States in which Valentines were created: 37

Volunteers who stuffed Valentines: 50+

Dogs receiving Valentines, total: 16,880
Broken down by state/country

AL: 1
BC: 5
MB: 2
ON: 20
QB: 1

United States
Alaska: 134
Alabama: 275
Arkansas: 189
Arizona: 78
California: 264
Colorado: 88
Connecticut: 49
Delaware: 90
Florida: 598
Georgia: 772
Hawaii: 4
Iowa: 77
Idaho: 69
Illinois: 404
Indiana: 684
Kansas: 595
Kentucky: 219
Louisiana: 92
Massachusetts: 110
Maryland: 323
Maine: 60

Michigan: 307
Minnesota: 181
Mississippi: 131
Missouri: 608
Montana: 6
Nebraska: 73
Nevada: 28
New Hampshire: 25
New Jersey: 168
New Mexico: 534
New York: 676
North Carolina: 1384
North Dakota: 3
Ohio: 1384
Oklahoma: 66
Oregon: 199
Pennsylvania: 2229
Rhode Island: 24
South Carolina: 624
South Dakota: 15
Tennessee: 806
Texas: 835
Utah: 48
Virginia: 678
Vermont: 25
Washington: 169
Wisconsin: 103
West Virginia: 195
Wyoming: 3

DC: 4
Puerto Rico: 1

If you are in a state where you know there are a lot of chained or penned dogs, but you see hardly any Valentines mailed there, please get addresses right now, and we will mail them letters and brochures. It’s important to start the educational process as soon as possible.

Thanks so much to all who participated, we are making a difference in those dogs lives!


Please help our work to continue!
Any donations you make will be tax deductible.

If you’d like to donate via regular USPS mail, you may print out this form in.pdf format, and send to P.O. Box 23, Tipton, PA 16684

Want to see more photos? Click here.




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