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Cat recovers after being shot with 2-foot arrow

11 Feb

Leila the catBy Stephanie Coueignoux, Reporter


After being shot through the body with an arrow, an Orange County cat is now recovering and deputies are investigating.

Leila’s owners live near University of Central Florida. They said she likes to walk around the neighborhood and is very friendly with everyone.

Two weeks ago, Leila started scratching on the patio door after being outside. That’s when the owners discovered the arrow.

Dr. Steve Wiseman treated Leila and said the arrow was about 2 feet long. Amazingly enough, Leila is expected to recover.

Wiseman said the cat is lucky to be alive.

“It may have hit an artery. It could have hit the lungs. The spinal cord is right there too and a cat isn’t a big animal and this arrow is pretty large so it could have severed the spinal cord also,” Wiseman said.

Wiseman said Leila should make a full recovery.

So far, deputies don’t have any suspects. If caught, the person who shot the arrow could face animal cruelty charges.


Oregon Humane Society rescues dying cat found in storage locker

10 Feb

By Monique Balas

A cat found abandoned inside a storage container is recovering at the Oregon Humane Society after being rescued by an OHS humane investigator.

The adult male tabby was nearly dead when he was rescued by OHS Humane Investigator Austin Wallace.

The cat was entangled in what seemed to be a makeshift leash tied to a shopping cart. It was found inside a rented storage locker at the Money Saver Mini Storage on Molalla Avenue in Oregon City.
The humane society’s medical team estimate the animal had gone without food or water for between two and four weeks. He also had a variety of head wounds, probably from trying to escape from the tangled rope trapping him beneath the cart.

The owner is currently unknown, but he or she will likely be charged with first- and second-degree animal neglect if found. The humane society is searching for the person who rented the storage locker.

The storage facility manager found the cat this morning after hearing what sounded like an animal in distress and called the humane society. The OHS medical team is carefully monitoring the cat and hoping he will make a full recovery.


Dog chained and left for dead under South Carolina bridge – National Dogs | Examiner.com

6 Feb

Camden, SC – Rescue organizations do the best they can with the resources that they have. But when the resources are not there – when there are no funds for vetting or foster homes to place dogs in, sometimes, rescues regretfully have to say “no” to an at-risk dog at a shelter.

Noah’s Arks Rescue was in that regretful position when they received a call about a dog earlier this week. Hunters had discovered the dog – he had been chained under a bridge, tethered in the water and left to die.

The rescue immediately said no to the request to take the dog in – they did not have the resources necessary to save the dog. But then the photos arrived. Photos of a defeated dog. Photos that revealed a dog with eyes so hurt and solemn that the no was quickly changed to a yes.

Sometimes, compassion trumps resources – such is the case with the dog known as Abel. Abel is in sorry condition. He is suffering from heartworms and a blood disease known as Babesia. His body is emaciated, he is infested with parasites and his teeth are worn to nubs. Abel is defeated. The senior dog is the picture of sadness. He has endured a life of abuse and neglect and when the person that made him endure such horror was done with him, they chained him in the water and left him to die.

There are no words to adequately reflect the sorrow for what Abel has endured in his life.
For perhaps the first time, Abel is receiving love and attention – good food and a soft bed. Noah’s Arks Rescue is determined to make Abel’s remaining weeks, months or possibly years, as good as they can be.

Abel will never be abandoned again. Please click this link to help Abel and other dogs like him. We all can’t be there to hold this defeated dog’s head in our lap, but we can support the people that are.

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Continue reading on Examiner.com: Dog chained and left for dead under South Carolina bridge – National Dogs | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/dogs-in-national/dog-chained-and-left-for-dead-under-south-carolina-bridge-1#ixzz1DEOcpPi8

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